HYPER is a FIRST Robotics Competition team founded in 1996 with the high schools of Quincy Public Schools. Over the years Team HYPER has had multiple sponsors, and is currently sponsored by Bluefin Robotics. The program gives high school students hands on experience with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) skills through a fast-paced, real-life design and build process. A game is announced at the beginning of January, and the teams then have a grand total of six weeks to brainstorm, prototype, design, build, program, test, and drive their robot.

This learning process is facilitated by students watching, questioning, and helping mentors through the build season. Those mentors can be teachers, professionals (engineers, machinists, developers, etc) from the sponsor, and in the case of Team HYPER, alumni. We’ve been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to come back and work with members we were on the team with, those from before us, and those we even mentored on the team who have now graduated, to help HYPER continue with its mission. Our alumni come from all lines of work, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, machinists, technicians, business professionals, IT, QA, programmers, web developers, and more.

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