Our Mission

The Helping Youth Pursue Engineering and Robotics (HYPER) Alumni Association develops sustained support for the betterment of the spirit and body of the FIRST Robotics Competition team, FRC#69 “Team HYPER”. The HYPER Alumni Association develops relationships and establishes lifelong connections between Team HYPER and its alumni and friends to encourage support, financial and otherwise, of efforts related to Team HYPER’s mission, goals, and future.

Who We Are

We are all former participants of Team HYPER, which is comprised of students and faculty from Quincy Public Schools as well as employees and affiliates of Team HYPER’s corporate partners. We represent a wide range of professions, ages, and personal interests.

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  1. Establish and cultivate relationships with alumni and friends of Team HYPER through communications, events, and services
  2. Promote membership in the HYPER Alumni Association to encourage sustained support for the program and Team HYPER
  3. Serve as an external resource for Team HYPER by providing alumni mentoring and support, working with students and teachers to identify additional opportunities for alumni involvement and cultivation
  4. Identify and motivate alumni volunteers to raise scholarship funds for graduating HYPER students
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